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Education and Outreach

The Cross-Lines Education and Outreach program provides learning and enrichment opportunities for individuals and families as they travel on the path to self-sufficiency.  Each person has unique needs and goals, and Cross-Lines works to provide educational opportunities in a variety of areas to help people meet their goals.  The three pillars of our programs are Health and Wellness, Financial Wellness, and Community Building. 

Computer Lab and Training        

The Cross-Lines Computer Lab is an open lab environment for individuals to apply for jobs, update resumes, and connect with area resources.  Cross-Lines also offers computer classes to help community members learn how to use the computer, search for employment, and develop a strong resume.

Wellness Workshops

Cross-Lines provides monthly workshops that focuses on various topics including nutrition, health, finance, and relationships.  Topics and presenters vary each month.

Nutrition Education       

Through classes, food demonstrations, newsletters, and our garden, we work with low-income families to show them how they can provide nutritious and affordable foods that their families will enjoy.

Community Engagement

Cross-Lines works to strengthen and build the community, with specific focus on the Armourdale neighborhood of Kansas City, KS.  Cross-Lines plans and participates in events to bring the community together.  The Annual Armourdale Community Picnic brings residents and area businesses together for a fun, family friendly picnic.  Cross-Lines works with the Armourdale Renewal Association to provide programs that not only strengthen individuals, but also the community as a whole.